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Maureen Glover

Links to other deaf organisations

BBC See Hear! - A weekly TV programme for deaf and hard of hearing people.

British Deaf Association - BDA promotes equal rights for deaf people.

British Deaf News - The national magazine for BDA members. - This site uses animated pictures to show basic BSL signs.

BSL - A Quick Introduction - A brief introduction to BSL and Deaf Awareness.

Council for the Advancement of Communication with Deaf People (CACDP) - CACDP aims to promote communication between deaf, hard of hearing , deafblind and hearing people by offering high quality nationally recognized assessments and accreditation in BSL and other forms of communication used by deaf people.

De@fsite - Many deaf links on this site.

Handwave - The time and leisure magazine for deaf and hard of hearing people.

Deaf Club UK - The internet's biggest deaf-related search engine, covering aspects and topics such as deaf jobs, chat rooms, equipment databases and access to the arts.

Deaf Sports Association - Deaf sports in the UK and Ireland - On-line bookstore for anyone interested in deaf-related literature and books on how to sign

Deaf-UK - News and discussion group

Disability Now - Britain's leading disability newspaper.

Forest Bookshop - Mail order issue providers of books and videos on deafness and deaf issues.

RNID - The Royal National Institute for the Deaf

Royal Assocation in Aid of Deaf People (RAD) - RAD offers a wide selection of different clubs and groups where advice and information is available. They also offer training programmes, including BSL classes and Deaf Awareness Training.

SASLI - Scottish Association of Sign Language Interpreters

See Hear on Saturday - Part of BBC on-line relates to the weekly magazine programme for deaf and hard of hearing people, of the same title.

Sign Post - SignPost is Tyne Tees Television's BSL translation service for broadcasters. Listing of BSL interpreted programmes.

Stage Text - Details of captioned performances

Typetalk - The national telephone relay service